How to use Wright’s Copper Cream

  • Apply with a clean, wet cloth or enclosed sponge
  • Polish thoroughly
  • Add more water as needed
  • Rinse copper under running water
  • Dry with a clean, soft cloth
  • Rinse sponge in running water
  • Wring out sponge and store in jar
For sensitive skin, wear rubber gloves. In case of eye contact, flush with water.

Copper Care Q&A

How can I clean heavily tarnished copper?
On heavily tarnished copper not easily cleaned by vigorous polishing, use a very fine steel wool (grade 000 or finer). Though it may leave tiny scratches, these should disappear with use.

How should I polish lacquered copper?
Lacquer is a clear coating applied to some copper items to minimize upkeep. If the piece remains bright and shiny over time, it is probably lacquered and only requires cleaning with a damp cloth. If the piece darkens over time, it probably is not lacquered and can be polished using Wright’s Copper Cream. Even if a piece is lacquered, the lacquers break down eventually, requiring you to remove the remaining lacquer. Try Wright’s Copper Cream to remove it. If this doesn’t work, try boiling the piece in water first, then polishing it with Wright’s Copper Cream. Note that the copper under the lacquer may only be a thin plating over a base metal; removing the lacquer may also remove the copper layer, so proceed with caution.

What is the environmental impact of your polishes?
All Wright’s products are formulated for low environmental impact. You will find that you need to use only a small amount of our polishes, decreasing the impact even further.

Are your products dangerous? Why are they marked “Keep out of reach of children?”
This is simply a general warning. All cleaning products should be kept away from children, regardless of their ingredients. Wright’s products are not toxic, but they should not be ingested or come in contact with the eyes.

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